Precious Stories and Memories...captured forever.


Relaxed Conversations...recorded in your own home.


Unique be treasured and shared.


Capture Life Stories Forever

Special Recordings with The People You Love.

Have you ever thought about recording someone’s life story? Everyone has tales to tell, and those tales are worth capturing forever.

‘Record Their Stories’ is the fun and simple way to set up and record personal conversations between relatives. The result is a precious family keepsake for everyone to treasure.

Easy to use

All you need is our simple app, a relative, and some great stories. With ‘Record Their Stories’ you can create a list of questions and record straight onto your device, before storing the results on your phone, mp3 player or computer.

A Unique Gift

Our team of award-winning producers can turn your tracks into a polished, mastered recording. If you Upload Your Audio to us, we’ll mix it professionally with music and sound effects to really make it come alive and then we’ll create a presentation CD for your family to treasure.

Don’t Take it From Us!

melbamoore“It's so nice to have the Record Their Stories app to record my love ones stories to have forever. I wish they would have thought of this sooner!”
Melba Moore

“I Like this. Gd intergenerational idea.”
– founder Martha Lane Fox

“Let’s face it, senior citizens know way more about life than us... Here’s your opportunity to capture that wisdom.”
– T3 Magazine, UK.

“Love this idea!”
– Sean Maggard, Media Strategist, Dallas

“Go Grab Grandma!”
– Independent Digital Works, Dublin.

“The recording is just fantastic. It’s moving, funny, and so precious. Thank you for giving us the tools to do this – we would never have got round to it otherwise!”. Sarah, Nottingham in England.

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